Our services

We are specialist contractors providing services for utilities, commercial and industrial sectors. We provide refurbishment, repair and maintenance of reservoirs and towers, refurbishment of warehouses, workshops and industrial buildings.


Our general services cover the refurbishment of warehouses, workshops and industrial buildings, ranging from coating steelwork, walls and floors in commercial, industrial and agricultural in both urban and rural locations. Whether you need a warehouse floor cleaned and sealed, refurbishment of a vital part of your farm or infrastructure or simply a new floor laid, we cover it.


We specialise in structural repairs of reservoirs and water towers including water tank coating and water tank lining for a water tank replacement. Regardless of size, location or type we will provide a safe, long-term solution for water retaining and storage structures. All our work comes with a 10 year guarantee, so you can rest in peace that our work will be to the highest standards.


We operate across the whole of the UK providing contracting services for all the major water companies to ensure drinking water standards are maintained and waste water safely treated.

We inspect and repair concrete and masonry structures in the water sector but as a contractor we can provide the full refurbishment of specific assets such as water towers, reservoirs, filter beds and settlement tanks which might include ancillary works.


If you require a regular maintenance programme to be in place we can cover that too, offering

  • Clean-out and inspections
  • Tests for hazardous paint, metal thickness, mil thickness of paint, and paint adhesion
  • Repairs and welding
  • Sandblasting and painting
  • Disinfection
  • On-going maintenance, includes annual tank clean-out